Cutting-edge. User-friendly. Undeniably eco-sensitive. The 2014 Toyota Prius is all of these things. In its third generation, Toyota’s iconic hybrid has elegantly demonstrated that there can be harmony between man, nature and machine. Prius has also shown that there can be consensus among many different types of drivers. Those who demand fuel efficiency, and those who like to take the fast lane. Those intrigued by highly advanced technology, and those who insist on proven reliability. Those interested in reducing their carbon footprint, and those who are hesitant to sacrifice practicality in order to do it. With all that Prius has to offer, it may well be the one form of transportation that we can all agree upon. Let’s go places.

12014 Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) as of 09/18/2013 MSRP price includes Hawaii-specific equipment. MSRP price excludes the destination charge of $810, $195 documentation fees, taxes, license, title and available equipment. Actual dealer price may vary. Pricing, specifications, standard features and available equipment are based on information available when this page was produced and are subject to change without notice.

Specifications, standard features and available equipment are for the State of Hawaii vehicles only and may differ in the mainland U.S.A. and other regions. Please remember, Toyota vehicles are built with popular option combinations. Not all options are available separately or in all areas, so contact your Toyota Hawaii dealer to help you locate a vehicle that's right for you.

Prius Two
Starting At:

$24,200 MSRP1

Prius Three
Starting At:

$25,765 MSRP1

Prius Four
Starting At:

$28,275 MSRP1

Prius Five
Starting At:

$29,845 MSRP1